• Ciliates

    Cilian uses Ciliates of the genus Tetrahymena for the production of therapeutic proteins
    - High biological safety
    - Secretion of proteins
    - Established fermentation

  • CIPEX-System

    The Ciliate based expression system

    Actual Projects:
    - Monoclonal antibody (biobetter)
    - Flu-Vaccine (recombinant)
    - Human enzymes

  • Service

    Complex proteins of interest to a partner can be developed using the innovative CIPEX-System
    (process development and production up to pilot scale)

  • News

    01.02.2017 Cilian publishes article in mAbs.
    “Antibody production using a ciliate ...”
    20.11.2016 European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. “Novel ciliate lipases for enzyme replacement ...”