Business Areas

Areas of business

Production of biopharmaceuticals is done at Cilian by the application of state of the art molecular biological, genetic and process engineering methods.
At its center is Tetrahymena thermophila, a ciliate protozoan microorganism, which, based on its excellent features is considered a “work horse” in bio sciences.

Cilian is actively pursuing four areas of business: Vaccines, pancreatic insufficiency, biobetter monoclonal antibodies and the development of recombinant production processes based on the CIPEX-system.

1. CiFlu® – a recombinant flu vaccine:

Flu vaccines are beeing produced for decades with outdated procedures by using time consuming cultivation of flu viruses in embryonated chicken eggs.
The unique approach of Cilian AG is to use the Ciliate Tetrahymena for the production of vaccines against flu virus strains.
The aim is to produce recombinant hemagglutinin (HA), the main antigen of the flu virus.
Cilian’s R&D was able to demonstrate the expression, production, purification and in vivo efficacy of CiFlu® (recombinant HA as subunit vaccine). Process optimisation is ongoing.
The flu vaccine CiFlu® would enable Cilian to resolve future production bottlenecks for flu vaccines.

2. Cilase® – enzymes to treat EPI:

Cilian AG is currently developing an orally administered drug for the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). The drug with the brand name Cilase® is currently in preclinical development. This patented drug is available to pharma partners for in-licensing.

3. Biobetter – monoclonal antibodies (MAbs):

Cilian’s interest is focused on anti cancer candidates of this class of drug compounds, many of them are already approved drugs.
By using Ciliates for the production of MAbs, Cilian aims to increase the efficacy of these compounds substantially.
With the expiration of the patent protection of MAbs, Cilian is pursuing a strategy to develop respective biobetters – and furthermore to produce MAbs with substantially increased efficacy against cancer.

4. CIPEX-System – the Ciliate performance expression system:

With over ten years of hands-on experience, Cilian’s R&D team posses unique know-how in the area of production of biopharmaceutical proteins utilising Ciliates. Interested pharma partners can access this expertise and the CIPEX-System for their proprietary projects.
Cilian AG utilizes the CIPEX-System to help partners to develop a production process for their therapeutic proteins of interest from proof of principle all the way to pilot scale.