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Cilian AG has over 10 years experience in manufacturing of protein drugs with Ciliates.
These microorganisms provide an optimal approach for efficient production and high quality, high biological safety of therapeutic proteins.
Produced active pharmaceutical proteins are post-translationally modified and exhibit a consistent N-glycosylation pattern. ⊂CIPEX-System⊃

The CIPEX-System is offered for reliable and cost effective expression of a target protein under non-GMP conditions in in-house laboratories at biosafety level ML-1.

An individual proposal of services can be developed and provided.



• Cloning of genes in proprietary expression vectors
• Transformation of Tetrahymena
• Expression analysis of mRNA, protein and functional level
• Fermentation of expression strains
• Purification of desired target protein
• Cryopreservation and storage of strains


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