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Fast, safe and effective

Cilian AG is a pioneer in the area of the production of biopharmaceutical proteins using Ciliates (of the genus Tetrahymena). The company’s proprietary CIPEX-System provides significant advantages compared to other production technologies such as mammalian cells. The technology is particularly suitable for recombinant viral subunit vaccines, like flu, as well as for biobetter monoclonal antibodies used in the treatment of  cancer.

Cilian’s CIPEX-System, as a proprietary production technology, is immediately available to industrial partners for inlicensing. Upon request, Cilian’s R&D-team can develop for customers the complete production process for a biopharmaceutical protein.

Low cost:

Tetrahymena can be cultivated with significantly cheaper culture media than used for mammalian cells. Production cost will be reduced substantially.

High level of safety:

Tetrahymena is not susceptible to infections with mammalian or human viruses. Viral proliferation that could significantly interrupt the production process, can thereby almost certainly be avoided.

Improved efficacy:

Monoclonal antibodies which are produced with the CIPEX-System display unique glycosylation which can increase its anti-tumor-efficacy substantially.

Short production cycle:

Speed and duration of production particularly during the manufacturing of flu vaccines, is an important issue. In contrast to the still common production of flu vaccines in embryonated chicken eggs, Cilian expects to improve the production cycle up to 30% – without capacity limitations.
With this approach an impending flu pandemia can be handled a lot  faster.