Cilase® – A new active ingredient against Pancreatic insufficiency

Ciliates of the genus Tetrahymena naturally secrete large quantities of enzymes, so-called lysosomal acid hydrolases, into the surrounding culture medium.

Cilian AG developes, on the basis of these enzymes, its own-patented product: Ciliates Enzyme Preparation (CEP) with the trademark Cilase®. The orally active substance is suitable for the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) in humans.

EPI is caused by severe illness of the human pancreas, e.g. widespread inflammation of the pancreas, pancreatic cancer and a genetically caused illness, Mucoviscidosis, which is also called Cystic Fibrosis.

EPI, at present, is still treated through oral intake of conventional pancreatin enzyme preparations (PEPs), which are obtained from animal slaughter waste by extraction with solvents. For regulatory authorities, the origin and manufacturing processes of PEPs is a great safety concern.

With Cilase®, Cilian AG develops an innovative enzyme active substance, which can be harvested through fermentation during a defined biotechnological process and can fulfill modern standards of drug production processes.

Cilase® contains endogenous, thus Ciliates own, lipases and proteases, with optimal characteristics to digest, in large quantities, lipids and proteins from human food. The investigations of Cilase® resulted in the finding that this lipase has outstanding characteristics for the treatment of EPI in opposite to the lipase from conventional preparations.

Cilase® is supported by a grant within the kmu-innovative program of the German federal Ministry of Education and Research. Cooperation partners of Cilian are Prof. Dr. W. Uhl of the Pancreas Center at St. Josef-Hospital Bochum and Dr. J Schnekenburger of the Biomedical Technology Center of the Medical Faculty Münster.

Cilian AG will complete preclinical development of Cilase® and intends to subsequently out-license the product.