GFP was the first recombinant protein produced in Tetrahymena at Cilian

About 9 years ago, the Cilian AG expressed GFP with Tetrahymena for the first time, thereby proofing the ability of Ciliates for recombinant protein production.

GFP-production in Tetrahymena cells
(a) negative control
(b) GFP expressing Tetrahymena clones
(c) detailed image of a GFP expressing Tetrahymena cell
PL = phagolysosomes
CM = cytoplasma membrane

Since that time, GFP is used as a robust reporter protein to explore new Ciliate-specific molecular tools and to establish new methods in our company. Thus, the team of Cilian AG could acquire a proven specialist expertise in the field of biotechnology with Ciliates.