human DNase I

Using the CIPEX technology, Cilian successfully produced the human DNase I

The recombinant enzyme is applied as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of cystic fibrosis patients. Currently, the biopharmaceutical is manufactured expensively in recombinant CHO cells.

The Tetrahymena derived human DNase I was functional and was secreted into the culture medium (simple purification and easy scale-up of the manufacturing process).

Secretion of human DNase I
Illustration of the extracellular human DNase I in the fermentation broth of three Tetrahymena cultures by immunoblot.
(-) negative control



Activity of human DNase I
Analysis of DNase I activity in the culture supernatant.
(-) negative control
(+) DNase I expressing Tetrahymena culture




Scale-up of the fermentation process
The up-scalability of the CIPEX-System can be demonstrated upon comparing the cell titers of a 0.4 liter and 50 liter fermentation




Scientific publication:
Weide T, Herrmann L, Bockau U, Niebur N, Aldag I, Laroy W, Contreras R, Tiedtke A, Hartmann MWW (2006)
BMC Biotechnology 2006, 6:19